Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 – Initial Thoughts

So I have finally installed Windows 8 on a Virtual Machine. I am pretty pleased with how things are going.  The first thing I discover is that pressing the Windows key on the keyboard goes right to the Desktop.  This is the Desktop like Windows 7 with everything exactly like this Windows’ predecessor. Or is it? I press the Windows key again and I am back to the Metro Start screen.

Then I click the Internet Explorer icon.


And voila, I am in IE10.  I’m thinking, this is cool.  It is a little to get used to but, cool.  I type in my blog’s address in the address box and there is my blog.  But the address bar disappears.  I have know Idea how to get it back. How can I get to other sites?  I will have to figure it out.

Oh, and pressing the Windows key again I think will bring me back to the Desktop but it doesn’t. It brings me back to the metro Start page. Then back to IE. Seems like it is acting kind of like a quick switch between the last thing you launched. (Still can’t get the address bar in IE to come back.)

So I start through the F keys. F1: does nothing. F2 does nothing. F3: brings up a search bar. Well at least Microsoft is consistent there. F4, ah, there it is. But wait, this looks like a frequently accessed page


I see these arrows that are very familiar. so I click the back arrow and… It brings me back to my page.  I’m guessing F5 is a refresh like every other version of IE.  Yep. Oh and there is the address bar.  But I don’t want to have to refresh every time I want to see the address bar. How about F6.  That is it! Yay! and there is a little pin icon.


I’ll bet it will pin the address bar for me.  Better do that before I can’t navigate again. Nope. It did pin my blog though to my favorites I guess. let me press F4 and see. Nope. I must have done something wrong. OK, I have to click Pin to Start. There it is.  I am getting better.

I will continue to play and update. Probably all night long (much to my wife’s chagrin!)

Till next time…

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