Thursday, August 06, 2009

Another great CCNet applet!

Craig Sutherland has become a prolific contributor to CruiseControl.Net recently.  He has pushed the envelope and I think is making some positive changes with the structure and architecture of CruiseControl.Net.  A while ago he started down the road of creating a replacement for CCTray, a staple among CCNet users.  He was going to migrate this replacement into the actual product but got some resistance so he started his own app that will, when complete, replace CCTray in my eyes.

The application is called FastForward.Net.  It is currently in CTP but I have been using it for a few days now and it has almost completely replaced cctray.  I am using it for our build farm of 15+ servers using CCNet 1.4.4.  I am sure once we move to CCNet 1.5, this applet will be even more functional for me.

There are, as you might expect with a CTP, some issues that need to be overcome.  But, overall I am very pleased.

Great job Craig!