Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tools I Use

Here is a list of most of the tools I use everyday at home and at work. Some are free others I pay for.  What do you use?

7-zip - for compressed files of any type
CCleaner - for general all-purpose disk and registry maintenance
DA Document Manager - managing all of my documents - (we are trying to go paperless)
doPDF - for printing to pdf
DVDFab - for DVD duplication
Google Chrome - for Internet Browsing
GrabBee - for video capture
IcoFX - for creating and editing icons
IfoEdit - for editing DVD ifo files
KeePass - for password generation and tracking
Media Browser - for maintaining my music and video collection in Media Center and Windows Home Server
Safe Eyes - for Parental controls on my kids laptops
SmartFTP - for website updates
TCPOptimizer - for optimizing my internet and network bandwidth
Trillian - for Instant Messaging
UltraEdit - for quick text writing and editing
UltraISO - for ISO creating and mounting
VLC Media player - for playing just about any type of media
WinDirStat - for Disk maintenance
Windows Live Photo Gallery - for tagging and maintaining my ever growing photo collection
Windows Live Writer - for blog posts

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Friday, July 01, 2011

Been a While

I have been away from this place for too long.  Many things have happened over the last year that have impacted my life in a significant way.  First, and most importantly, the company that I moved from Rhode Island to North Carolina to work for, no longer exists.  This is very sad for me.  I really enjoyed working for Emergent and with all the incredibly smart individuals associated with that organization.

In October of last year, Emergent’s assets were sold at auction.  fortunately, David Brame came to the rescue and with the help of Gamebase in Korea was able to purchase Gamebryo. I have 3 great years with that product so I am glad David was able to keep it moving.  And from everything I have heard over the last few months, Gamebase USA is doing well.  I wish all involved the greatest success. And who knows, maybe I will work with them again in the future.

So what have I been doing since I left Emergent in September?  Well, I have been doing a number of things.  I am in beta testing of the first version of my parental control application called Kidstime.  It will be made publicly available shortly.  I will have a future post that will talk all about it.

I worked with a great company in Cary called RMSource.  Straight Microsoft technology stack; right up my alley. Unfortunately, the commute killed me and I was spending more money on after school care late fees than I really wanted to (which is 0, btw)!

I am now with North Carolina Farm Bureau insurance in Raleigh.  A slightly closer commute (only about 35 to 40 mins.) and back to Insurance which is an industry I am familiar with. 

We bought a new home in Hillsborough last July, which we love!  The kids are enjoying their summer and Holly is still at Stewart PT.

We are well. I will try to post at least once a month now that I am posed with new challenges.

till next time…