Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Iteration 2012, a Retrospective

Will 2013 bring more of the same or will it be something completely unexpected? Well, it will probably be both. Every year we ask ourselves these types of questions. And every year we reflect on the past year. As humans, we have this need to substantiate our existence. The end of one year and the beginning of another offers us the opportunity to reflect and make changes. A retrospective. In the Agile software development world the past year could be equated to an iteration or a sprint. A very long one.

At the end of each iteration in Agile Software Development we have a retrospective.  Where we answer 3 basic questions: What did I do well? What do I need to improve on? and What will I do specifically to address the items I need to improve on? Well for Iteration 2012, my retrospective looks something like this.
What did I do well?
I have successfully introduced Agile to a willing group of talented software engineers and management
I have successfully run Agile projects at both Farm Bureau and Burt’s Bees
I have successfully increased my knowledge of manufacturing processes and systems
What do I need to improve on?
I need to be more aware of and keep more up with technology changes in my core competencies
I need to be better at making networking a priority
I need to be less dependent on the status quo
What will I do specifically to address the items I need to improve on?
I will write a functional program in at least 2 new languages and publish those programs
I will contact at least one person in my linked in contacts at least ever other week
I will discuss my opportunities within Burt’s with my boss and actively work on career objectives whether at Burt's or not.
Short and sweet. An Agile approach to the year.  Maybe next I will have a Sprint Planning Meeting for the next Iteration: Iteration 2013. 

So another year has come and gone. There have been many changes in the world and all around us locally. 2012 brought significant change in my personal and professional career.

In my professional life I have had setbacks and success, closure and new beginnings, disappointment and inspiration. I left Farm Bureau Insurance for Burt's Bees. And at Burt's I have had great success. I introduced Agile and have had a very successful Agile project complete and in the books. We shall see what Burt’s has to offer me in 2013.

Till next time…