Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Windows 8 – Initial Thoughts (part 2)

Interesting turn of events.  I couldn’t see any of my other PCs on the network. I know I was connected because I could get to the Internet.  So I tried adding the Windows 8 box to my Home Group but it wouldn’t let me. Windows 8 only allowed for me to create a home group not add to an existing one. Not sure why.

So I decided to try and find the Workgroup and see if I could add it to my workgroup. Me being who I am, I did not want to go to the desktop and right click on My Computer, select properties etc.… to change my work group. I tried to do it the Windows 8 way using the Metro UI.  I found Control Panel. hmmmm.


I couldn’t find it here. but I selected the last option which is called More Settings.  That brought me to the Windows 7 Control Panel interface and there was System.  I changed the Workgroup and then it told me to reboot. Which I did.

Ok, I think. I am ready for this to reboot.  And it does so. Quickly too, I might add. But what has it done? Now all I see is the picture of the road, the time in a BIG font, and the date. I do not know what to do. So I click here and there. Sometimes a little green bar shows on the bottom but not always.


Then I double click. The picture slides up out of the way and I am asked to login with my Live ID and password again. Cool. Also, I logged in to Windows Live and changed my name a little while ago and it knew it. This is Great!


Simple things for simple minds, I guess.

Till next time…

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