Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I am addicted to Woot!

last week I discovered something that I am not proud to say has me addicted. www.woot.com! It is amazing! Woot offers one item a day for sale at some great % off the price you would pay at some other online retailer. The sale ends when they run out of merchandise or they reach the end of the day. (Midnight)

I haven’t bought anything yet because this is the reason Dave Ramsey stays in business. But one day Woot will offer something that I am actually in need of and I will buy it! I check it everyday. I have signed up for the daily email and I have the RSS feed setup on my reader.

Today was something special at woot that happens every once in a while; a Woot Off! This basically means they offer one item at a time until it runs out then offer another and another and another.  So far my count is 12 items today. Only one tempted me, but I remembered Dave Ramsey. I also could hear my wife’s voice in the back of my head saying “That is not on the Ramsey Plan!”

So my addiction can only go so far. I can look but cannot touch. But… I want one!

Till next time…

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