Friday, November 11, 2011

Veterans’ Day

Every year I like to thank those Veterans close to my family and me:


  • Roland F. Chapman (Grandfather -b1910-d1987 - Navy)
  • Robert D. Boss (Dad - Navy)
  • Michael J. Boss-Hill (Brother – Air Force)
  • Stephan J. Hill (Step Dad – Navy)
  • Fredrick R. Chapman (Uncle – Army)
  • Mark Hanson (Uncle – Navy)
  • David Bishop (Navy)
  • Charles W. Hobbs (Navy)
  • Dawn Meiers (Navy)
  • Chuck Norris (Navy)
  • Arthur Pignataro (b1944-d2011 - Army)
  • Dodd Schock (Navy)
  • Ronald Steele (Navy)
  • Rick Kolde (Navy)

Active Duty:

  • Kevin P. Boss-Hill (Brother – Marines)

There are many more in all of our lives.  Thanks to you all.

Till next time…

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