Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Feature in CCNet 1.5

So I was looking at the CCNet documentation this morning because I needed to refresh my mind regarding some syntax.  As I was searching I found the Parallel Task feature.  This feature allows you to run several tasks at the same time as the name might indicate.  Well this is all well and good and I will use the Parallel Task feature.  But what was even more exciting to me (I get excited easily) was the Sequential Task feature.  I know, I know.  You say CCNet has always had sequential tasks.  In fact, they are built sequentially automatically.  Yes this is true.

But what I could never do is have CCNet move on to the next task if the first task failed.  Now I can.  See, the Sequential Task has an attribute associated with it called continueOnFailure.  This is a boolean attribute that if set to “true” allows the set of tasks inside the sequence to build even if the previous one failed.  I love it!

I love it because I am using a ccnet applet tool which I have written about in a previous post that allows me to forcebuild a CruiseControl.Net project from the command line.  This comes in very handy.  Well, I use this in all of our builds here at Emergent.  But sometimes because of the nature of our re-usable config files I want to force a build that may not exist yet on some build machines, say, if I were just testing it on one machine. So I put these forcebuild steps inside this sequential task with the continueOnFailure set to true and I am golden. 

I haven’t put this into practice yet because I just found out about it.  But, I’ll let you know if it doesn’t work.  I’m thinking it will.

Till next time…