Friday, October 23, 2009

What do i really do?

So, over the past few weeks my organization has been going through lots of restructuring and planning.  It occurred to me that a lot of my readers don’t know exactly what it is I do at my 9 to 5.  One of the exciting things the organization I work for is going to be doing in the next couple of weeks and months is expanding its presence online via blogs and youtube videos etc.  the idea is to generate a little excitement about what we are doing leading up to the most important industry event of the year.  So in that vain, let me introduce myself:

My name is Robert David Boss Jr.  Everyone calls me David.  In college I was mostly called “R.D.”  I am married to a wonderful woman named Holly and have two of the smartest, loving, caring children in the world (every parent should feel this way.)  I am originally from the Northeast but call Raleigh/Durham, Triangle area of North Carolina home.

My Work:
I work for a company called Emergent Game Technologies.  I am the Development Technology Manager and IT Manager.  “What the heck does that mean?” you may ask.  Well I have two main areas of responsibility.  First, I am in charge of the group responsible for building and packaging my company’s product, Gamebryo LightSpeed.  Second, I am responsible for IT.  This combination may not make the most sense in some folks eyes but within Emergent, it is related in so many ways.  Mostly in the area of networking and server hardware.  Because we are not a large company, these duties overlap much more than one might think.

What is Emergent Game Technologies?
from Emergent’s web site:  Emergent Game Technologies has one goal: innovation in game development. We provide game developers with all the tools they need to make games that break new ground in every field: graphics, content, player experience, genre and technology. Emergent develops flexible technology that supports the needs of game designers, artists and programmers, and integrates easily with other tools and applications in today’s game development pipelines.

You can read more at the web site.

Emergent has some of the smartest people I know employed in the industry.  Here are some links to their blogs:

Beautiful Pixels - Vincent Scheib
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Shaun Kime's Blog – Shaun Kime
Nick Darnell's Blog – Nick Darnell

So there you have the pertinent info.  Expect to read more about Gamebryo LightSpeed and Emergent in this space and the blogs above.

Till next time.