Monday, November 27, 2006

To SCRUM or not to SCRUM

I am faced with a dilemma.  It is not a life or death problem, nor is it even important in the grand scheme of life.  However, it is a dilemma I face with my team.

Let me try to explain my dilemma.  We currently are using TFS as our source control application.  we are slowly beginning to utilize the Tasks for development and will continue to move toward integrating QA etc..  We are using the Agile Team Project template that ships with TFS with some minor modifications.  We now have about 17 Team Projects with more to come.

The problem is that our development process is more like SCRUM.  So, low and behold, I found what I thought was fantastic. developed by Conchango.  This is great! I thought.  I downloaded and put it in our sandbox.  I played with it and found it almost perfect.  Now,the crux of the problem.  Without major surgery,  I can not convert my current Team Projects to use the Scrum templates. 

My dilemma is: Do I bite the bullet and create new Team Projects with the Scrum templates?  Do I spend time upgrading my surgical skills and TRY to convert my existing Team Projects?  Or do I do nothing with the current Team Projects (mine included) and only use the Scrum template for new Team Projects?

I have sent an email to Conchango asking if they provide a utility to convert the Team Projects.  No reply from them.  I must admit, what I know of TFS templates, it is not a trivial task to convert Team Projects to a different template.

If anyone out there has any ideas, I am open to suggestions.